20-year-old BEINIR grew up on a small island in the Atlantic. More specifically, Saltangará on the Faroe Islands, a quiet town that holds a beautiful nature and peace with its only 1000 inhabitants. Here, BEINIR has shaped his own musical identity since he at the age of 7 grabbed the guitar and disappeared into music. Being on his own with only a view over the fjord Skálafjørdur and his own imagination he began dreaming about the big stages around the world. Since then, BEINIR has played, written and sung on the Faroe Islands until he was ready for the big world.

BEINIR’s songs are filled with energy, groovy rhythms and attractive but sarcastic lyrics about personal stories. The songs hold a depth, which describes the feeling of being young and lost in the search for one’s own existence. 

BEINIR seeks inspiration in musical role models as Ed Sheeran, Outkast and Bon Iver, who have given him both big ambitions and a creative playground to create his own Scandinavian universe.

In the beginning of 2021, BEINIR was invited to feature on Dopha’s song ’I’m Not Crying, You Are’ from her highly praised debut album. The song was well received in both Denmark and Germany, where it was chosen for Song of the Week at both the Danish commercial radio The Voice and the German RTL Radio.

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