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With a penetrating personality and a crazy flow, Benjamin Hav has distinguished himself as one of the best rappers in Denmark, who delivers with both precision, clarity and empathy in every sentence. His music sends the listeners on a wonderful, musical journey through his sensuous and funny text universe, where he operates in a range that ranges from pure sanity to brass band confetti.

Benjamin Hav is currently playing with the project 'Benjamin Hav & Familien'. Familien is handpicked by some of Denmark's most talented musicians, including Emil Falk, Birk Nevel, Kristoffer Sjelberg, Bastian Sjelberg, Andreas Stigkær, Troels Mørkenborg and Torben Jensen. Together they create the wildest live experience seen in a long time, when they give a completely new live expression to tracks like 'Musse', 'Spice Up Your Life', 'Den Dejligste Boy', 'Velkommen' and many more. Benjamin Hav & Familien is the meeting between boundless ambitions, lofty dreams and moving hips.

Contact: ole(@)


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