Elias Lidström aka ELIVALI is a Swedish songwriter and artist based and raised in Stockholm. He effortlessly combines different elements and styles, which not only creates a diversity in his writing, but also makes the listener unravel new emotions with every song. Growing up as a learner of many different instruments, from trumpet to drums, music steadily played a more and more important role in his life. After years of studying. everything there is to know about writing music, and using that knowledge to write for others, Elias finally gathering enough courage to share his craft with the world and make his solo debut. In 2019 ELIVALI caught attention with the song "LIGHTS OFF"- The cover art for the single was a photo taken during a late night walk around Old Town in Stockholm. After four different releases in 2020, ELIVALI is now back at it again with the new single “Fragile” produced by skillful Charles Elmi (Steele, Darin, Rickard Söderberg). The song explores the combination of destructive patterns, self forgiveness, and finally letting your guard down. Contact: malin(@)thebankmusic.com

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