FABRÄK is a hard hitting hiphop duo consisting of the two rappers Sixten and CXRTIER. They released their first single ‘VOLDSOM’ in April 2021. FABRÄK quickley gathered a lot of attention, as their own personal take on punk-rap is not something you see every day. The attention only grew as their second single ‘DAARLIGT’ dropped, namedropping everything they hate about the tendencies hunting the Copenhagen youth.

Some of the biggest Danish media outlets such as Politiken and Soundvenue have shown a lot of interest in the duo by consistently naming FABRÄK as ones to watch and in their top tracks of the month. Meanwhile their streams on various platforms keeps on progressing.

It is not punk, not rap, nor is it rock. It is their own undefinable craziness expressed through angry, self-ironic, headbang-forcing party music.

Contact: benjamin(@)thebankmusic.com

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