Kape Yeel was founded as the answer to the question -"Why are there no bands in Sweden anymore?" Now there is at least ONE. Kape Yeel takes you into undiscovered territory between now and then on a lyrical, visual and musical rollercoaster that makes old people think about their heydays and young people discover a place beyond generic solo acts! With the buzz created from the release of their early demos of "Tatterdemalion" and "Givin In To You, Life" and the accompanying videos Kape Yeel were invited to play at the legendary Storsjöyran festival in the summer of 2019 and a trip to the German Die Neuen festival followed. A couple of releases later the buzz had spread all the way to Stockholm and both bloggers and Swedish national TV4 mentioned Kape Yeel as the potential next big thing!! The band consists of three brothers, frontman Linus Malmsten on vocals, bassist Kevin Stålberg and Theo Malmsten on keys. Hailing from the small village Bjärme in the north of Sweden, these three brothers relate to another free thinking artist; Bodil Malmsten, who’s considered to be one of the most influential contemporary authors of the post war era in Sweden. Perhaps there is something in the water in Bjärme, just outside of Östersund? Early 2020 Kape Yeel signed a management & publishing deal with The Bank and now the steps are being prepared to prove how much Sweden has been longing for a modern, credible and intelligent band to come and save us. Prepare to be experienced.

Contact: ben(@)thebankmusic.se

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