Since releasing his debut single 'Sticky Fingers' in 2017, Rony has built his signature sound with elements of house, indie pop and dance. In 2019 he released his biggest yet, 'Milk It' with Carla Monroe, landing him a first play on Radio 1 by Diplo, a selection by Stella McCartney to soundtrack her catwalk at Paris Fashion Week and major syncs such as O2 and Nickelodeon, resulting in a spot at the Billboard Dance charts. Kicking things off for the new decade, Rony has since made his debut on Kitsuné Musique with 'Drip', soundtracked a new commercial for Yves Saint Laurent, collaborated with GFOTY of PC Music on 'Mile High' and with GIRLI on 'Cold Feet'.

With humble beginnings throwing parties in his parents’ house (and getting busted for doing so), Rony Rex has been an extrovert on the decks since day zero. He glides through genres with a focus on groove, technique and joy. Consider Rony Rex’s performance somewhat of an extreme sport — the prominent live stream series he hosts in partnership with Red Bull is being broadcast from locations such as a shark tank, a warship and on a plane. Combining his efforts as Finland’s Pioneer DJ ambassador, an in-demand producer, a force in the booth and a radio host on his homeland's national radio, YleX, Rony Rex is here to bring you the heat and make you smile through it all. Contact: julius(@)

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