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With a vivid imagination, love, and naivety, Prototypen is the moniker of a new artist from Aarhus who, with his distinctive singing technique, inevitably captures attention.

He possesses an observant and honest approach to the world, singing about both the absurd and the beauty of life's banalities. Although Prototypen's songs delve into our modern life, he simultaneously roots himself in an ancient Danish musical culture. Over the past two years, Prototypen has crafted an original series of songs, among which "Supermarkedsangen" was released earlier this year as the first single from an upcoming EP.

Prototypen's artistic endeavors embody a fusion of contemporary themes with traditional Danish musical elements, resulting in a compelling and multifaceted auditory experience. His lyrical narratives resonate with audiences, offering insights into the intricacies of human existence while reflecting the dynamism of contemporary culture. As he continues to explore and refine his craft, Prototypen is poised to make significant contributions to the cultural landscape, transcending boundaries and captivating listeners with his unique musical perspective.


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